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  • Howe Russell E332 Conference Room renamed the Robert A. Muller Conference Room
  • Congratulations, Graduates!
  • G&A archaeological team investigates ancient warfare in Caylan, Peru
  • Grad students explore disappearing marshlands and barrier islands
  • SURGEDAT storm surge database goes live

G&A Team Excavates Ancient Temple Mounds in the Peruvian Highlands

Crew of the 2014 Cosma Archaeological Project From July through September 2014, a team of G&A archaeologists led by Peruvian archaeologist Jeisen Navarro, PhD student Kimberly Munro, and associate professor David Chicoine embarked on the first season of excavations at the Cosma Archaeological Complex, Department of Ancash, north-central Peru.

Alumni Spotlight: Meet James Chaney

Jim Chaney "I consider the quality of education and instruction that I received from the Department of Geography and Anthropology instrumental to my development as a scholar, researcher, and educator." - Jim Chaney

Alum Spotlight: Meet Amy Potter (Interview on Why I Became a Geographer | PROFpost+

POTTER "One of my favorite quotes concerning geography comes from Harlan Barrow’s 1922 Presidential Address to the Association of American Geographers in which he refers to the discipline as the “Mother of all Sciences.” Geography, by its very nature is interdisciplinary and it provides a multi-faceted understanding of our world." - Amy Potter

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Matthew Helmer

Matthew Helmer "A joint geography and anthropology department, as well as the close relationship with the Geology Department, fostered a multi-disciplinary stance in my studies which is essential in today’s research environment. I continue to work in close collaboration with my mentor, G&A professor David Chicoine." - Matthew Helmer

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Bryant Garcin

B Garcin2 "The Department of Geography and Anthropology provided me with all the resources I needed to gain the knowledge necessary for me to pursue my career goals. Graduating Summa Cum Laude was no easy task, but the professors challenged me and instilled a work ethic in me that has prepared me for any task that I might be assigned in my professional career." - Bryant Garcin

Congratulations Summer 2014 Graduates

Summer Commencement John McEwen B.S. Jacksonville University, M.S. Florida State University, Ph.D. Louisiana State University                                             […]

Undergraduate Summer Internship for Underrepresented Minorities

WP_20140801_111 Dr. Kristine DeLong and Dr. Victor Rivera-Monroy hosted ten students for a summer internship. Ten interns visited, explored, canoed and toured during their week at LSU.

LSU Geographers Prominent at World Congress of Environmental History

Guimaraes, Portugal LSU was well represented in Guimaraes, Portugal at the 2nd global gathering of environmental historians. Kent Mathewson organized a series of sessions that reconsidered Alfred Crosby’s classic work on the Columbian Exchange. Kent presented a […]

Society for American Archaeologists (SAA) Annual Conference 2014

saa1 LSU students and faculty report a very successful national conference. The 79th Annual Society for American Archaeologists (SAA) conference was held in Austin, Texas.

Department Welcomes New Faculty

Micha Rahder The Department of Geography and Anthropology recently hired two new faculty members who will begin as assistant professors in August 2014: Micha Rahder from UC-Santa Cruz and Kory Konsoer from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Changes to Human Geography AP and IB Credit

Andrew Sluyter Dr. Andrew Sluyter has worked to change the amount of credit LSU students get for having taken the Human Geography Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses in high school.