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2015 Climate Boot Camp

Jacob Warner, a Ph.D. student in Geography and Anthropology at LSU, attended the 2015 Climate Boot Camp sponsored by the North West Climate Science Center (NWCSC). This year’s boot camp was located in the Pack Forest, an experimental research forest owned by the University of Washington. Participants were primarily early career scientists or graduate students representing a variety of fields including ecology, geomorphology, hydrology, glaciology, biology, and climatology.  Representatives of the National Parks Service, United States Geological Survey, and various tribal nations of the Pacific Northwest worked with attendees during the camp. The camp featured classroom exercises on science communication, scientific video production, integrating scientific and traditional knowledge, working with Native American tribes, climatology, and working with land managers, with a focus on the unique climate issues of the Pacific Northwest. Field trips included visits to Mt. Rainier National Park and NWCSC-funded research sites in and around the park as well as restoration areas managed by the Nisqually tribe near Peugeot Sound. Jacob found the trip to be an invigorating and enlightening experience with excellent opportunities to see climate change impacts in the Northwest. He also learned a lot about science communication and outreach, and enjoyed the chance to meet other young scientists and professionals studying climate-related issues. Jacob is a research assistant funded by grants from the South Central Climate Science Center.