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Apply: West-Russell Field Research Awards

Here you can submit an application for the Robert C. West and R.J. Russell Field Research Awards. Please ensure you have each required item:

  • Cover sheet
  • Project description (including significance, methodology, and description of research; max 500 words).  Do not include appendices or extra material.
  • References cited (max one page)
  • Budget sheet and budget justification
  • C.V. (including name, contact information, education, publications and presentations at professional conferences, relevant skills, languages, experience, and professional service; max two pages)
  • Approval of your advisor (indicated on the cover sheet)  On application notice of approval, exemption or application to IRB if proposed research involves human subjects.  Approval or exemption notice from IRB must be met before research.
  • Applications cannot be accepted without a valid LSU email address.
  • Accepted file types: pdf.