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Barry Keim attends Manning Passing Academy 2015

Barry Keim at MPAAs State Climatologist and as a representative of NOAA’s Southern Climate Impact Planning Program, Dr. Barry Keim was asked to provide advice on monitoring lightning and heat dangers during the Manning Passing Academy (MPA). The MPA was held in Thibodaux, Louisiana on July 9-12, 2015.  The Academy included 1,200 high school football players – mostly quarterbacks, but also wide receivers and tight ends.  The high school players came from 47 states across the country – the only states without representation were North Dakota, Alaska, and Hawaii.  Based on Barry Keim’s crude estimates, the highest representation came from Texas, Louisiana, California, Florida, and Colorado.  Attendees of the MPA included the Mannings – Archie, Peyton, Eli, and Cooper – Dartmouth Head Football Coach Buddy Teevens, New Orleans Saints Head Football Coach Sean Payton, and host of coaches from the NFL, and NCAA.  This camp has proven to be quite effective, as over half of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL were once participants in the MPA.