Street View Time Slider

Google Maps now has a temporal dimension. It launched about two weeks ago for the desktop version of Google Maps. Once it appears on the mobile version, we really will have the basis for what I predicted a few months ag0 on this blog.

And, looking at it the other way, can we now think of our smartphones as the cursor as we move through the real world, enabling us to enrich it by accessing different aspects of places through virtual representations of our location in the present and the past with a poke and a swipe?

Google has made available Street Views back to 2007. If you see a clock icon in the upper-left corner of Street View, that place has at least one view older than the most recent one you see. Click on the clock to open the time slider  and select which time in the past you want to view.

Here is one example, namely my house.


Read more about it at via Google Lat Long: Go back in time with Street View.

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