Recent Projects
Exhibits Opened in Belize Featuring 3D Prints of Maya Artifacts, March 2012  with a Site Preservation Grant from the Archaeological Institute of America, and after consultation with the Belize Institute of Archaeology and then local NGOs, we initiated a program of sustainable Archaeological Tourism: permanent exhibits using 3D prints of Maya artifacts at the Tourism Information Center in Punta Gorda and at the Ranger Station in remote Paynes Creek National Park in March 2012 by Project Director Heather McKillop and then PhD candidate E. Cory Sills (LSU Ph.D. Geography May 2013). The 3D prints were made from 3D scans of artifacts from the Underwater Maya project directed by Heather McKillop in Paynes Creek National Park. The purpose of the exhibits is to enhance maritime tourism by integrating the archaeological finds into the local economy: Sustainable Archaeological Tourism. The exhibits include glass-topped wooden cabinets with 3D prints of Maya artifacts, as well as laminated posters with text and images describing the archaeology

L-R: Roberto, Dr. McKillop, Jackie, Cory Sills

L-R: Roberto, Dr. McKillop, Jackie, Cory Sills

Above picture: Opening of exhibit at the Tourism Information Center in Punta Gorda, Belize, March 2012

In addition to the exhibits, McKillop and Sills hosted craft workshops with a Maya womens’ craft cooperative and public and school lectures. Laminated descriptive posters were distributed to hotels, restaurants, and stores in Punta Gorda, to promote the exhibits.  Further information about the Site Preservation Grant project can be seen on the Archaeological Institute of America web site:
An article “Sustainable Archaeological Tourism of the Underwater Maya using 3D Technology”
(McKillop and Sills 2013 in Anthropology News) can be downloaded from AAA web page at:



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