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Student Spotlight: Jacob Warner

” Initial interest in linguistics gave way to forensic and biological anthropology, which led to archaeology. On my first dig, in Peru with Dr. David Chicoine, I fell in love. I knew that there was no other possibility for me. If I couldn’t be an archaeologist, life would be much less interesting.” – Jacob Warner

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Student Spotlight: Sylviane Greensword

“My coursework at LSU, especially in cultural anthropology, confirmed that this was the direction for me. I had the privilege of deepening my knowledge of fieldwork methods, and to apply them immediately. I am grateful to the department’s faculty who supports me and (re)directs me so that I can achieve my academic goals, despite my complicated schedule as a “non-traditional” student!”

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Student Spotlight: Annemarie Galeucia

“When I met with my first cultural geographer something clicked: I could connect all of this conceptual positioning, these ideological landscapes, with the cultural landscapes in which people actually live! Most geographers and anthropologists (and, frankly, scholars of religious studies) probably consider this an obvious point (“Bless your heart”), but that realization opened up a whole new door for my academic meandering. And in that meeting, two days after I defended my MA, I asked where I should look for a doctoral program. Within a minute I received a short list, and LSU was at the top.”

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African elephants in their natural habitat of Tsavo

Peter Kamau, Ph.D. Student

“For my doctoral dissertation research, I plan to investigate how two historical processes; the introduction of Ivory trade and Colonialism triggered landscape changes in Tsavo Kenya. The aim of my research will be to understand how these two processes influence present day human environment interactions in Tsavo region of Kenya.”

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