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Connor Rouillier wins LSU Discover Scholar award

LSU9507-Connor-Rouillier-214x300Connor Rouillier is a recipient of the 2017 LSU Discover Scholar award.  This award recognizes students who exemplify the potential for undergraduate research and creative endeavors at LSU.  These outstanding students were nominated by a faculty member and selected by a panel of judges.

A Baton Rouge native, Connor Rouillier is a sophomore Anthropology and Religious Studies major with double minors in Linguistics and Arabic studies.  Connor is expected to graduate in May 2019 and plans to pursue a Master’s and a Doctoral degree in Linguistics.  Connor is a part of the Linguistics Society of America, the Southeastern Conference on Linguistics, Alpha Lambda Delta—the National Honor Society for First-Year Students, Ogden Honors College, and currently serves as the Vice President of the Geography and Anthropology Undergraduate Society.  He is also on track to become a Communication across the Classroom (CxC) Distinguished Communicator.

Connor’s current work, “This Better Had Be One Lexical Item: The Modal Verb Better Had in Southeastern Louisianan English,” looks at the differences between the standard phrase had better and the dialectical phrase better had.  Connor’s research found that the two phrases seem to have different syntactic properties.  After finding these differences, Connor also found other informants to provide data and validate his hypothesis.

With the help of Dr. Gregory Johnson, he created an abstract and submitted it to conferences.  Connor’s abstract was accepted for presentation at both the Mardi Gras Conference at LSU and the Southeastern Conference on Linguistics in Charleston, South Carolina.  Through the support of the Department of Geography and Anthropology, he will be able to attend the latter conference.