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Dissertation collection

A record of dissertations submitted by Ph.D. students in the Department of Geography & Anthropology.
Wang, Bo2017PhDAssessing Morphodynamics of the Lower Mississippi River from 1985 to 2015 with Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
Galeucia, Annemarie Michele2017PhDMobile Homes: Class, Space and Race in Idealized Landscapes of Home
Greensword, Sylviane Ngandu-Kalenga2017PhDOur Daily Braids: Commodification and Ethnicity in Hair Braiding Salons
Morris, Lauren L.2017PhDPorts Resilience Index: Participatory Methods to Assess Resilience
Kamau, Peter Ngugi2017PhDElephants, Local Livelihoods, and Landscape Change in Tsavo, Kenya
Simms, Jessica Rose2017PhDGrounds for Displacement: Issues of Migration on Louisiana's Disappearing Coast
Harrington, Victoria Nicole2017PhDDigital Osteology: 3D Surface Scanning the Os Coxa
Xiang, Hanyu2017PhDSpatio-Temporal Modeling of Louisiana Land Subsidence Using High-resolution Geo-Spatial Data
Patnukao, Areerut2017PhDGIS Analysis of Dvaravati Dharmacakras and the Rise of Buddhism in Thailand
Ouellette, Gilman2017PhDPaleoenvironmental Reconstruction Using Coral Microatolls (Sp. Siderastrea siderea) from the Gulf of Gonave, Haiti
Eachus, Joshua2017PhDWeather Communication on Twitter: Identifying Popular Content and Optimal Warning Format Via Case Studies and a Survey Analysis
Feathers, Valerie2017PhDHuman-Environment Interactions: Sea-Level Rise and Marine Resource Use at Eleanor Betty, and Underwater Maya Salt Work, Belize
Gilliland, Joshua M.2017PhDBrazilian Surface and Upper-Level Wind Characteristics Based on Ground and Model Observations from 1980 to 2014
Berchak-Irby, Katie2016PhDThe Body and The Bedroom: Life and Death at the Shrines of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
Powell, Joseph Blanchard2016PhDThe Edible Landscape: Plant Breeding, Farming, and Sustainability in Northwest Portugal
Hu, Yujie2016PhDTemporal Trends of Intraurban Commuting in Baton Rouge 1990-2010
Erdem, Mustafa2016PhDA Spatial Analysis of Obesity and Its Associations with Built and Natural Environment, Physical Inactivity, and Socioeconomic and Demographic Conditions in the United States of America
Hotard, Corey David2015PhDJust Throw it in the Pot! The Cultural Geography of Hidden Landscapes and Masked Performances in South Louisiana Gumbo Cooking
Watson, Rachel Mariah2015PhDExcavations and Interpretation of Two Ancient Maya Salt-Work Mounds, Paynes Creek National Park, Toledo District, Belize
Jia, Peng2015PhDDelineating Hospital Service Areas in Florida Based on Patients' Travel Patterns
Worms, Jamie Lauren2015PhDMental Mapping the Transformation of Social Space in Rio's Oldest Favela: Morro da Providência
Pharr, Lauren2015PhDUsing GPS Tracking and Long-Term Decomposition Studies to Investigate Vulture Scavenging and Flight Patterns in Relation to a Forensic Anthropology Facility in Texas
Cheetham, Louise2015PhDCurated Landscapes: The Evolution of the Postcard Shot
Renken, Katherine Anne2015PhDInvestigations into Ecogeomorphodynamics of Coastal Embryo Dunes at Padre Island National Seashore, Texas
Fu, Cong2015PhDPlanning Towards Equal Spatial Accessibility of NCI Cancer Centers Across Geographic Areas and Demographic Groups in the U.S.
Watkins, Case2015PhDAn Afro-Brazilian Landscape: African Oil Palms and Socioecological Change in Bahia, Brazil
Hay, Jennifer Ann2014PhDRestoring Cultural Capital through Preservation in the Holy Cross Historic District
Garcia , Doris2014PhDPlace, Race, and the Politics of Identity in the Geography of Garinagu Baündada
Moles, Aimee H.2014PhDSpatial and Temporal Analysis of Selected Birth Defects and Risk Factors in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana Metropolitan Statistical Area
Needham, Harold Francis2014PhDA Data-Driven Storm Surge Analysis for the U.S. Gulf Coast
Mohammad, Bedoor Adel2014PhDObject-Based Coastal Morphological Change Analysis Based on LiDAR and Hurricane Events
Schmutz, Phillip P2014PhDInvestigation of Factors Controlling the Dynamics of Beach Surface Moisture Content
Powell, Emily J.2014PhDClimate Extremes in the Southeast United States: Observed Variability, Spatial Classification, and Related Planning
McEwen, John Winsor2014PhDSense of Place, Place Attachment, and Rootedness in Four West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana Bars
Xu, Yanqing2014PhDBuilt Environment and Risk of Obesity in the United States: A Multilevel Modeling Approach
Modlin Jr, Eddie Arnold2014PhDTouching Plantation Memories: Tourists and Docents at the Museum
Karolczyk, Paul2014PhDSubjugated Territory: The New Afrikan Independence Movement and the Space of Black Power
Joyner, Timothy Andrew2013PhDOptimizing Peak Gust and Maximum Sustained Wind Speed Estimates from Mid-Latitude Wave Cyclones
Brasdefer, Thomas Pierre-Yves2013PhDSites of Indigenous Language Practice: Geography of American Indian Language Policy
Robinson, Mark2013PhDSeeing the Forest and the Trees: Ancient Maya Wood Selection and Forest
Exploitation at the Paynes Creek Slat Works, Belize
Edwards, Brandon L.2013PhDInvestigations of the Initiation of Motion in Aeolian Transport
Chaney, James Powell2013PhDUncovering Nodes in the Transnational Social Networks of Hispanic Workers
Bitton, Michael2013PhDBeach-Dune Interactions and a New Cycle of Foredune Evolution, Gulf County, Florida
Sills, Elizabeth Cory2013PhDUnderwater Excavations of Two Ancient Maya Salt Works, Paynes Creek National Park, Belize
Evans, Amanda2013PhDOut of Site but Not Out of Mind: Submerged Prehistoric Archaeological Landscapes on the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf
Chen, Yi-Chia2013PhDShifting Place Identities in a Post-Conflict Society: Irony and Multiculturality in Quemoy, Taiwan
Kulkarni, Amit2012PhDAn Object-Based Image Analysis Approach for Detecting Urban Impervious Surfaces
Tang, Quan2012PhDGIS-Based Urban Land Use Characterization and Population Modeling with Subpixel Information Measured from Remote Sensing Data
Orgera, Ryan2012PhDConstructing Wilderness: The Nexus of Preservation and Ocean-space in the United States
Ward, Steven Matthew2012PhDA Discourse on Geospatial Technology Applications in Predictive Analytics and Evidence-Based Decision Support for Disaster Research and Management
Green, Mandy Michelle2012PhDPhysical Processes and Drivers on Landscapes in Coastal Louisiana and Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Trevino, Anna Marie2012PhDMechanisms of Urban Influence on Precipitation in the Southeastern United States: Precipitation Enhancement, Storm Bifurcation, and Synoptic characteristics
Joseph, Myrtho2012PhDUrban Population Density and Environmental Quality in Port-au-Prince, Haiti: A Geo-Statistical Analysis
Shao, Wanyun2012PhDUnderstanding Public Perceptions of Global Warming
Brecht, Henrike2012PhDNatural Hazards, Risk Analysis and Emergency Preparedness: Applying Spatial Methods in Disaster Risk Management
Boyd, Ezra Clay-Kelly2011PhDFatalities Due to Hurricane Katrina’s Impacts in Louisiana
Chen, Yuliang2011PhDA Contour Tree Based Spatio-Temporal Data Model for Oceanographic Applications
Potter, Amy E.2011PhDTransnational Spaces and Communal Land Tenure in a Caribbean Place: "Barbuda is for Barbudans"
Watts, Paul Ronald2011PhDLandscape, Mobilities, and Performance: An Autoethnographic and Visual Engagement with Public Protests in Washington, DC
Augustine, Andrew2011PhDAn Assessment of Atmospheric Factors Impacting Tropospheric Ozone in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Non-attainment Zone
Yoo, Jinwoong2011PhDLarge-Scale Influences on Tropical Cyclogenesis for Selected Storms in the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season
Arenas, Helbert2011PhDAn Agent-Based Simulation Model for Business Reopenings in New Orleans Post Hurricane Katrina
Augustine, Andrew Douglas2011PhDAn Assessment of Atmospheric Factors Impacting Tropospheric Ozone in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Non-attainment Zone
Fielding, Russell2010PhDArtisanal Whaling in the Atlantic: A Comparative Study of Culture, Conflict, and Conservation in St. Vincent and the Faroe Islands
Seemann, Jorn2010PhDRegional Narratives, Hidden Maps, and Storied Places: Cultural Cartographies of the Cariri Region, Northeast Brazil
Sullivan, Thomas James2010PhDDesigning Irishness: Ethnicity, Heritage, and Imagined Connection to Place Through Language
Mince, Sylvia2010PhDThe Power Struggle Between Americans and Creoles in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century and Its Influence on the Architecture of New Orleans
Rogers, Bethany W.2010PhD"It's Not Just About the Buildings, It's About the People": Architecture, Practice, and Preservation in Post-Katrina New Orleans
Feike, Meredith Morgan2010PhDRevitalizing the Suburban Dream: Disaster, Displacement and Resilience in Eastern Orleans Parish
Antipova, Anzhelika2010PhDLand Use, Individual Attributes, and Travel Behavior in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Wade, Charles H.2009PhDWhy the Old Traditions Will Not Fail: Landscape, Legends, and the Construction of Place at Dartmouth College
Kent, Joshua D.2009PhDEssays on the Integration of Anisotropic Landscapes within Contemporary Geographic Profiling Models
Hunter, Richard2009PhDPeople, Sheep, and Landscape Change in Colonial Mexico: The Sixteenth-Century Transformation of the Valle del Mezquital
Liang, Wei2009PhDAn Integrated Agent-Based Microsimulation Model for Hurricane Evacuation in New Orleans
Huang, Yun2009PhDSediment Records of Modern and Prehistoric Hurricane Strikes in Weeks Bay, Alabama
Nogueira, Ricardo Chabarria2009PhDAtlantic Tropical Cyclone: Climatology and the Contribution to Monthly and Seasonal Rainfall in the Eastern U.S, 1960-2007
Sumpter, Amy Rhiannon2008PhDEnvironment, Labor, and Race: An Historical Geography of St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, 1878-1956
Ju, Wenxue2008PhDA Genetic Bayesian Approach for Texture-Aided Urban Land-Use/Land-Cover Classification
Arden, William Brennan2008PhDMedical Geography in Public Health and Tropical Medicine: Case Studies from Brazil
Knowles, Jason2008PhDCoastal Lake-Sediment Records of Prehistoric Hurricane Strike in Honduras and Turks and Caicos Islands of the Caribbean Basin
Dorrell, David2007PhDUnderstanding the New York Rabies Epizootic 1985-2005
Wilson, Harry James2007PhDThe Urban Development of Spanish Colonial Pensacola, 1781-1821
Mujica, Frances Heyward Currin2007PhDChagas in Culture and Place: A Mixed Methods Approach to a New Medical Geography of Chagas Disease in Los Tuxtlas, Mexico
Zhu, Yuanda2007PhDModeling Spatial and Temporal Variations of Surface Moisture Content and Groundwater Table Fluctuations on a Fine-Grained Beach, Padre Island, Texas
Wang, Fei2007PhDLand-Cover and Land-Use Study Genetic Algorithms, Petri Nets, and Cellular Automata
Dunn, Robert A.2007PhDFever, Firepower, and Flood: The Transformation of the Missouri River Bottomlands in the Dakotas 1804-2005
Somers, Bretton Michael2007PhDSpatial Analysis of the Preserved Wooden Architectural Remains of Eight Late Classic Maya Salt Works in Punta Ycacos Lagoon, Toledo District, Belize
Hinman, Sarah Elizabeth2007PhDSpatial and Temporal Structure of Typhoid Fever in Washington, D.C., 1895-1909: A Geographic Information Systems Exploration of Urban Health Concerns
Hemmerling, Scott Allan2007PhDEnvironmental Equity in Southeast Louisiana: Oil, People, Policy, and the Geography of Industrial Hazards
Kiage, Lawrence2006PhDVegetational Change and Land Degradation in the Lake Baringo Area, Kenya, During the Late Holocene: Evidence from the Paleorecord and Remote Sensing
Sheehan, Rebecca A2006PhDBetween Representation and Practice: Contesting Public Space in New Orleans' Jackson Square
Vinnakota, Srinivas Kumar2006PhDSocioeconomic Characteristics of Cancer Mortality in the United States of America: A Spatial Data Mining Approach
Zhou, Guiyun2006PhDDetecting the Socioeconomic Conditions of Urban Neighborhoods through Wavelet Analysis of Remotely Sensed Imagery
Duval-Diop, Dominique2006PhDRediscovering the Delta: A Reassessment of the Linkages between Poverty, Economic Growth and Public Policy Using Geographically Weighted Regression Analysis
Hardegree, Lynn Copeland2006PhDSpatial Characteristics of the Remotely-Sensed Surface Urban Heat Island in Baton Rouge, LA: 1988-2003
Blackburn, Jason Kenna2006PhDEvaluating the Spatial Ecology of Anthrax in North America: Examining Epidemiological Components across Multiple Geographic Scales Using a GIS-Based Approach
Pemberton, Kevin Michael2005PhDModels for Ancient Maya Coastal Site Development and Economy: Examination of Pork and Doughboy Point, Port Honduras, Belize
Bohr, Gregory Shannon2005PhDTrends in Extreme Daily Temperature Events in the South-Central United States
Streiff, Meg2005PhDBoston's Settlement Housing: Social Reform in an Industrial City
Flanagan, Charles Allen2005PhDMapping the Other Truth in the Shintech Case: Emancipatory Mapping for Environmental Justice in South Louisiana
McGraw, Molly J.2005PhDThe Effect of Environmental Forcing on the Suspended Sediment within the Naomi Wetlands as Reflected in Turbidity Data
Mills, Jacqueline Warren2005PhDWealth and Deprivation in the Delta: A Landscape of Subsidization
Alexander, Toni Ann2004PhDFrom Oklahomans to "Okies": Identity Formation in Rural California
Bohr, Gregory S.2004PhDTrends in Extreme Daily Temperature Events in the South-Central United States
Ochoa-Winemiller, Virginia J.2004PhDPlaces to Live: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Modern Maya Houses in Yucatan, Mexico
Speights-Binet, Jennifer2004PhDThe Road to Redevelopment: New Urbanism, Nostalgia, and the Process of Downtown Revitalization in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Winemiller, Terance Lynn2003PhDWater Resource Management by the Ancient Maya of Yucatan, Mexico
Hotard, Corey David2003PhDBombarding the City of the Dead: Who Has a Right to the Past?
Reese, Carl A.2003PhDPollen Dispersal and Deposition in the High-Central Andes, South America
Vaughan, Elizabeth2003PhDLouisiana Sugar: A Geohistorical Perspective
Miller, Deborah J.2003PhD"Walking the Queen's Highway": Ideology and Cultural Landscape in Northern Ireland
Xiao, Ke2003PhDFractal Compression and Analysis on Remotely Sensed Imagery
Fagan, William Francis2003PhDFrom Lime Kilns to Art Galleries: A Historical Anthropogeography of the Maine Coast City of Rockland
Fraser, Elizabeth Ann2003PhDConservation Versus Survival: A Cultural Ecological Study of Changing Settlement Patterns, Cultures, and Land Use in the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve of Northeast Honduras
Zhang, Xiongping2003PhDDesign and Implementation of an Ocean Observing System: WAVCIS (Wave-Current-Surge Information System) and Its Application to the Louisiana Coast
Shen, Caiming2003PhDMillennial-Scale Variations and Centennial-Scale Events in the Southwest Asian Monsoon: Pollen Evidence from Tibet
Blackburn, Jason Kenna2003PhDCharacterizing Spatially Explicit Patterns of Antibiotic Resistance in the Marine Environment Using Top-Level Marine Predators
Mince, Sylvia Starns2002PhDNew Orleans' Squares 39 and 40: Three Centuries of Change: An Anthropological Look at the Social, Economic and Political Effects on Architecture
Revels, Craig Stephen2002PhDTimber, Trade, and Transformation: A Historical Geography of Mahogany in Honduras
Tewolde Kahsaye, Woldetensae2002PhDThe Cultural Ecology of Pastoralism in Eritrea: A Geographical Inquiry
Weir, Daniel Raymond2002PhDNo Place to Die: The Poetics of Roadside Sacred Places in Mexico
Kahsaye, Woldetensae Tewolde2002PhDThe Cultural Ecology of Pastoralism in Eritrea: A Geographical Inquiry
Igorievich Ignatov, Igor2001PhDThe Biogeography, Ecology, and Environmental History of the Loess Hills Forests, Lower Mississippi Embayment
Zhao, Wei2001PhDMultiscale Analysis for Characterization of Remotely Sensed Images
Sundermann, Frederick W., III2001PhDNeither Natchez nor Tara: An Environmental Historical Geography of the Upper Pearl River Basin of Mississippi, Protohistoric Period to 1940
Prout, Erik G, Jr.2001PhDCultural Preservation in the Romanish Landscape: A Geography of the Swiss-Romanish Movement
Brown, Robert N.2001PhDComing Home: Black Return Migration to the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta
Myint, Soe Win2001PhDWavelet Analysis and Classification of Urban Environment Using High-Resolution Multispectral Image Data
Bonta, Mark A.2001PhDMapping Enredos of Complex Spaces, A Regional Geography of Olancho
Alphin, George2001PhDA New Testament Geography: Description, Perspectives, and Implications for the Field of Geography
Rainey, Steven J.2001PhDSoil Management in Two Highland Guatemalan Municipios: Local Perspectives on the Management and Degradation of Soil Resources
Wu, Tian2001PhDAnalyzing Crime Spatial Patterns Using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System Technologies: Investigating the Urban Opportunity Structure Model of Jackson, Mississippi
Sinclair, Dean T.2001PhDA New Town Will Appear on Charleston Neck: North Carolina and the Creation of the New South Garden City
Crutcher, Michael, Jr.2001PhDProtecting Place in African-American Neighborhoods: Urban Public Space, Privitization and Protest in Louis Armstrong Park and the Treme, New Orleans
Ozdenerol, Esra2000PhDA Spatial Inquiry of Infant Low Birthweight and Cancer Mortality in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Yao, Zuju2000PhDIce-Core Pollen Studies from the Dunde and Guliya Ice Caps, Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, China
Deur, Douglas E.2000PhDA Domesticated Landscape: Native American Plant Cultivation on the Northwest Coast of North America
Chung, Heesun2000PhDAgricultural Trade Liberalization and Uneven Development: The Case of South Korea
Bark, Mi Hye2000PhDCancer Mortality and Environment in Louisiana: A Geographical Inquiry
Adam, Lisa K.2000PhDTerrebone Farms Louisiana: An Anthropogeographic Study of a New Deal Resettlement
Thorstad, Linda M.1999PhDThe Historical and Cultural Geography of the Grange in Minnesota and Louisiana, 1870-1880
Brown, Scott S.1999PhDFolk Housing in Northeastern Mexico: A Key to Culturogeographic Regionalization
Hong, Keumsoo1999PhDThe Evolution of the Red River Valley Settlement System, 1714-1860
Read, Jane1999PhDLand-Cover Change Detection for the Tropics Using Remots Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
Smiley, Scott P.1999PhDMusing the Garden: A Poetics of Place and Emplacement
Chaney, Philip1999PhDExtratropical Storms of the Gulf of Mexico and their Effects Along the Northern Coast of a Barrier Island: West Ship Island, Mississippi
Hawkins, Michael J.1999PhDTourism and Place in Treasure Beach Jamaica: Imagining Paradise and the Alternative
Brucklacher, Ann D.1999PhDApples and Regional Change: Life and Economy in Tsugaru, Japan
Aguirre, Robert1999PhDTerritoriality and Commerce: Political Conflict over the Panama Canal in Geographic Perspective
Steinberg, Michael K.1999PhDBiological Diversity and Cultural Survival: Mopan Maya Traditional Culture and Environmental Change in Southern Belize
Maxwell, Andrew L.1999PhDHolocene Environmental Change in Mainland Southeast Asia: Pollen and Charcoal Records from Cambodia
Tillman, Benjamin F.1999PhDThe Miskito Settlement Landscape of Eastern Honduras with Emphasis on the Moravian Contribution
Nance, Cindy A.1999PhDOut of Sight, Out of Mind: A GIS Study of Changes in Cemetery Locations in Southeastern Louisiana from an Archaeological and Geographical Perspective, 1930-1997
Hamilton, Herman Roger1998PhDHuman Dimensions of Water Resources Policy: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Role in Natural Resources and Recreational Management
Hudson, Paul Franklin1998PhDMeandering Processes and Channel Morphology in the Lower Mississippi River Prior to Major Human Disturbance
Henderson, Bonnie1998PhDAccess to Child Care in North Carolina: The Interaction of Class and Gender Relations Government Policy across Places and Scales
Chen, Yi-Fong1998PhDIndigenous Rights Movements Land Conflicts and Cultural Politics in Taiwan-A Case Study of Li-shan
Algeo, Catherine1998PhDTobacco Farming n the Age of the Surgeon Generals Warning: The Cultural Ecology and Structuration of Burley Tobacco Production in Madison County, North Carolina
Coggins, Christopher Reed1998PhDThe Tiger and the Pangolin: Cultural Ecology, Landscape Ecology, and Nature Conservation in China's Southeast Uplands
Hardy, Jeffrey1998PhDWinter Season Cold Front Variability in the Southern United States
Heppen, John Joseph1998PhDThe Rise of the Republican Party in the South: A geographical Interpretation, 1948-1996
Choi, Youngeun1998PhDUrban Effects on Precipitation in the Southern United States of America
Debusschere, Karolien1997PhDSediment Transport Processes in Coarse Gravel-Bed Rivers: An Example from Costa Rica
Mitchell, Terri1997PhDMoved by the Spirit: Protestant Diffusion and Church Location in Central America with a Case Study from Southwestern Honduras
Anderson, Katherine1997PhDNature, Culture and Big Old Trees: Human Relationships with Ceiba (Ceiba pentandra) and Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) in the Landscapes of Guatemala and Louisiana
Allen, Daniel Stephen1997PhDThe Impact of Technological Change on the Economic Viability of Individual Production Centers: The Case of the 1840-1880 British Ocean-Going Iron and Steam Shipbuilding Industry
Otterstrom, Samuel Mark1997PhDAn Analysis of Population Dispersal and Concentration in the United States 1790-1990: The Frontier Long-Waves and the Manufacturing Connection
Cherukuri, Rajabhushanam1997PhDLand/Water Interface Delineation Using Neural Networks
Samson, James Richard1997PhDIndigenous Lands in a Developing Region: A Historical Ethnogeography of the Pech Indians of Eastern Honduras with Emphasis on Recent Settlement and Land Use Changes
Mesyanzhinov, Dmitry V.1997PhDSuburbanization of Office Space: A Case Study of Houston, Texas
Mack, Taylor1997PhDEphemeral Hinterlands and Historical Geography of Trujillo, Honduras, 1525-1950
Weigel, Stephanie1996PhDScale, Resolution and Resampling: Representation and Analysis of
Remotely Sensed Landscapes Across Scale in Geographic Information Systems
Brady, Scott Arlen1996PhDHonduras’ Transithmian Corridor: An Historical Geography of Roadbuilding in Colonial Central America
Rohli, Robert1995PhDThe Association between Anticyclonic Weather Changes over the Central Gulf Coast and Large-Scale Circulation Changes
Lee, Youngmin1995PhDEthnicity Toward Multiculturalism: Socio-Spatial Relations of the Korean Community in Honolulu, 1903-1940
Su, Shew-Jiuan B.1995PhDRural Industry and Rural Development in China: The Role of Geography Transportation and Policy in Jiangsu Province
Fearn, Miriam Lee1995PhDLouisiana's Cajun Prairie: Holocene History of a Southern Grassland
Yoder, Michael Stephen1995PhDCritical Chorology and Peasant Production: Small Farm Forestry in Hojancha, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Yoder, Michael Stephen1994PhDCritical Chorology and Peasant Production: Small Farm Forestry in Hojancha, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Qiu, Hong L.1994PhDLate-Holocene Vegetational History of Subtropical Mountains in Southeastern China
Labyak, Gregory John1994PhDGeographical Factors Influencing the Rise and Growth of Cotton Textile Manufacturing in the South Carolina Piedmont, 1880-1940
Kuhlken, Robert Thomas1994PhDAgricultural Terracing in the Fiji Islands
Vega, Anthony Jude1994PhDThe Influence of Regional-Scale Circulation on Precipitation Variability in the Southern United States
Li, Chunxiao1994PhDSurplus Labor and Mobility in Hebei, China: An Evaluation of the Litu Bu Lixiang Approach
Hoff, Judy L.1994PhDA Water Balance Evaluation of the Effects of Climate Variability and Human Modification on the Flow Regime of the Mississippi River: 1932-1988
Kruger, Darrell Peter1994PhDColonial Natal 1838 to 1880: The Making of a South African Settlement System
Li, Xu1994PhDA 6200-Year Environmental History of the Pearl River Marsh, Louisiana
Keim, Barry David1994PhDTemporal and Synoptic Analyses of Heavy Rainfall in the Southeastern United States
Castille III, George Joseph1993PhDA Geoforensic Analysis of State-Owned Waterbottoms in South Louisiana: Gauging the Geographical Impacts of Louisiana Court Decisions
Britton, Edward1993PhDPeasant Subsistence in Northwestern Haiti: Geography, Cultural Ecology, and Rural Development
Hines, Mary Elizabeth1992PhDDeath at the Hands of Persons Unknown: The Geography of Lynching in the Deep South, 1882-1910
Cao, Changyong1992PhDDetecting the Scale and Resolution Effects in Remote Sensing and GIS
Galvin, Peter1991PhDThe Pirates' Wake: A Geography of Piracy and Pirates as Geographers in Colonial Spanish America, 1536-1718 (2 volumes)
Yodis, Elaine1990PhDHistoric Changes in Channel Morphology of Mississippi River Tributaries: Southwestern, Mississippi
Husband, Elizabeth1990PhDA Geographical Perspective on US Capital Punishment, 1801-1960
Penland, Patrick Shea1990PhDHolocene Delta Plain Development and Barrier Island Evolution in Louisiana
Mossa, Joann1990PhDAn Evaluation of Discharge-Sediment Interaction in the Mississippi-Atchafalaya River System, Southern and Central Louisiana
Dunlap, Clarke1990PhDComparing and Contrasting North American and Siberian Arctic River Deltas as to Hydrological and Oceanographic Controlling Variables and their Relationships in Continental Shelf and Shelfedge Environmental
Whelan, James F.1989PhDFrom Forest, Stream, & Sea: Aspects of Self-Sufficiency in the Nineteenth Century Louisiana Diet
Lee, Jeon1988PhDThe Historical Geography of Rice Culture in the American South
Henderson, Martha1988PhDLandscape Changes on the Mescalero Apache Reservation: Eastern Apache Adaptation to Federal Indian Land Policy
Prorok, Carolyn Victoria1988PhDHindu Temples in Trinidad: A Cultural Geography of Religious Structures and Ethnic Identity
Terry, Ronald Norman1988PhDThe Legacy of the Hawaiian Cultivator in Windward Valleys of Hawaii
Mires, Peter Bingham1988PhDPredicting the Past: The Geography of Settlement in Louisiana, 1699-1890, and its Application to Historic Preservation
Meyer-Arendt, Klaus1987PhDResort Evolution along the Gulf of Mexico Littoral: Historical Morphological and Environmental Aspects
Nakagawa, Tadashi1987PhDThe Cemetery as a Cultural Manifestation: Louisiana Necrogeography
Hopkins, Daniel Price1987PhDThe Danish Cadastral Survey of St. Croix, 1733-1754
Tucker Baker, Nancy1987PhDUse of a Rainfall Runoff Model to Simulate the Effects of Urbanization on the Hydrologic Regimen of Ward Creek Drainage Basin, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Sechrist, Gail S.1986PhDChurch Buildings Enter the Urban Age: A Louisiana Example of the Church in Settlement Geography
Sechrist, Robert P.1986PhDA Comparative Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Diffusion Models: The Diffusion of the Prohibition Movement in the United States of America 1876-1919
Pett-Conklin, Linda1986PhDCadastral Surveying in Colonial Carolina: A Historical Geography
Faiers, Gregory E.1986PhDThe Formation and Geographic Relocation of January Diurnal Precipitation Patterns in Louisiana and Southeastern Texas
McCabe, Gregory J.1986PhDApplication of Synoptic Weather Types in the Analysis of Evaporation in Southern
Wu, Chao-Yu1986PhDA Dynamics and Sedimentology Study of Eastern Atchafalaya Bay, Louisiana
Herlihy, Peter H.1986PhDA Cultural Geography of the Embera and Wounan (Choco) Indians of Darien Panama with Emphasis on Recent Village Formation and Economic Diversification
Melland, John Francis1985PhDHutterite House Types: Variations in the Material Expression of Social Reality in: Part-Society with Part-Culture
Chhokar, Kiran1984PhDManipur in Transition: Differentials of Development in a Polyethnic Area of India
Works, Martha1984PhDAgricultural Change Among the Alto Mayo Aguaruna, Eastern Peru: The Effects on Culture and Environment
Barbosa Seguinot, Jose1983PhDCoastal Modification and Land Transformation in the San Juan Bay Area Puerto Rico
Choi, Young-Joon1982PhDThe Yongnam-Ro: An Historical Geography of a Korean Royal Road
Dilsaver, Lary1982PhDFrom Boom to Bust: Post Gold-Rush Patterns of Adjustment in a California Mining Region
Hughes, Robert H.1982PhDUse of Landsat Multispectral Scanner Digital Data for Mapping Suspended Solids and Salinity in the Atchafalaya Bay and Adjacent Waters, Louisiana
Kim, Soon Tae1980PhDQuantitative Evaluation of Landsat for Monitoring Suspending Sediment in a Fluvial Channel
Easterly, Ernest St. Clair, III 1980PhDGeojurisprudence:  Studies in Law, Liberty, and Landscapes
Wicker, Karen Miriam1979PhDThe Development of the Louisiana Oyster Industry in the 19th Century
Harris, Michael K.1979PhDForm Process Relationships at Laguna Percebu, Baja California, Mexico
French, Carolyn Olilver1978PhDCadastral Patterns in Louisiana: A Colonial Legacy
Monte, Judith Ann1978PhDThe Impact of Petroleum Dredging on Louisiana's Coastal Landscape:  A Plant Biogeographical Analysis and Resource Assessment of Spoil Bank Habitats in the Bayou Lafourche Delta
Sheldon, Samuel Richard1978PhDThe Ixtleros of North-Central Mexico: A Geographical Study of Man-Plant Relationships
Gritzner, Janet Hazen1978PhDTabby in the Coastal Southeast: The Culture History of an American Building Material
Shanafelt, Raymond Edgar1977PhDThe Baton Rouge-New Orleans Petrochemical Industrial Region: A Functional Region Study
Peake, Jeffrey S.1977PhDSeasonal Change in Microclimates of the Colville Delta, Alaska
Wax, Charles Larry1977PhDAn Analysis of the Relationships Between Water Level Fluctuations and Climate, Coastal Louisiana
Zimrick, Steven John1976PhDThe Changing Organization of Agriculture in the Southern San Joaquin Valley, California
Hanson, Gerald Thomas1975PhDShantytown Stage Development: The Case of Kingston, Jamaica
Stopp, George Harry1975PhDAn Analysis of the Relationship Between Soybean Agriculture and Land-Use Transformation in the South
Jeane, Donald Gregory1974PhDThe Culture History of Grist Milling in Northwest Georgia
Kalkstein, Laurence Saul1974PhDA Method to Determine Relationships between Climate and Outbreaks of the Southern Pine Beetle (Dendrochtonus frontalis Zimm.)
Clendenen, Harbert Leslie1973PhDSettlement Morphology of the Southern Courtois Hills, Missouri, 1820-1860
Pitman, Leon S.1973PhDA Survey of 19th-Century Folk Housing in the Mormon Culture Region
Abington, Oscar D.1973PhDChanging Meander Morphology and Hydraulics, Red River, Arkansas and Louisiana
Lewis, John Clarence1973PhDThe Settlement Succession of the Boeuf River Basin, Louisiana
da Silva, Jorge Xavier1973PhDProcesses and Landforms in the South American Coast
van Beek, Johannes Laurens 1973PhDRhythmic Patterns of Beach Topography
Davis, Donald Wayne1973PhDLouisiana Canals and their Influence on Wetlands Development
Weisblatt, Edward Alan1972PhDMultispectral Discrimination of Deltaic Environments
Mancil, Ervin1972PhDAn Historical Geography of Industrial Cypress Lumbering in Louisiana
Arndorfer, David James1971PhDProcess and Parameter Interaction in Rattlesnake Crevasse, Mississippi River Delta
Rehder, John Burkhardt1971PhDSugar Plantation Settlements of Southern Louisiana:  A Cultural Geography
Winberry, John Joseph1971PhDThe Log House in Mexico: Distribution, Origin, and Dispersal
Jaworski, Eugene1971PhDBiogeography of the Blue Crab Fishery, Barataria Estuary, Louisiana
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