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Kerry Ryan Chance

Assistant Professor

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Campus address
Howe-Russell-Kniffen Geoscience Complex
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone: 225-578-6172
Fax: 225-578-4420


Ph.D. Socio-Cultural Anthropology, The University of Chicago, 2011
M.Phil. Socio-Cultural Anthropology, The University of Chicago, 2006
B.A. Anthropology, Bard College, 2002


Selected Publications


  • n.d.  Living Politics in South Africa’s Urban Shack-lands (Book Manuscript under contract with The University of Chicago Press).
  • n.d.  “We Can’t Breathe”: Coughing Out the Suffocations of the City in Post-Apartheid South Africa (Under Review)
  • 2015  “Where There is Fire, There is Politics: Ungovernability and Material Life in Urban South Africa.” Cultural Anthropology. Issue 30 (3): 394-423.
  • 2015  “Sacrifice After Mandela: Debts of Liberation Among South Africa’s First Post-Apartheid Generation.” Anthropological Quarterly. Issue 88 (4): 857-878.
  • 2015  “Transitory Citizens: Contentious Housing Practices in Contemporary South Africa.” Social Analysis. Volume 59 (3): 62-84.
  • 2015  “Slum-As-Infrastructure: How the Politics of Informality Shapes South Africa’s World Class Cities.” In Spatializing Politics: Essays on Power and Place, edited by Delia Wendel and Fallon Samuels Aidoo. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.
  • 2015  “Ritual Technologies: Making Political Kinship and Digital Publics in South Africa’s Borderlands.” In Out of Order: Popular Mobilization in South Africa, edited by Gary Minkley and Richard Pithouse. Fort Hare, South Africa: Fort Hare University Press.
  • 2014  “A Review of Giorgio Agamben’s The Highest Poverty.” Journal of Southern African Anthropology. Volume 37 (1-2): 138-140.
  • 2014  “Legacies of Fear.” In “The L.A. Riots: 20 Years Later” journal special issue, edited by Kerry Ryan Chance and Laurence Ralph. Transition. Issue 113: 137-170.
  • 2010  “The Work of Violence: Armed Attacks at the Kennedy Road Shack Settlement.” School of Development Studies Research Report Series. Issue 83: 1-39.
  • 2007  “In the Absence of a Metaphysical Field (Na Ausência Do Campo Metafísico)” with Filipe Calvao. Etnográfica. Volume 10 (2): 385-394.



ANTH 1003: Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology