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G&A Alumnus Authority on Rate of Coastal Wetland Loss

brady-couvillionGeography alumnus Brady Couvillion has been widely cited for expressing coastal wetland loss in terms the public can comprehend. In 2011, he expressed the average rate of wetland loss between 1985 and 2010 as equivalent to a football field every hour. Since earning his degree, he has become one of the key players in mapping wetland loss.


land-lossIn July 2017, the USGS updated its 2011 study and reported that the average rate of land loss has slowed slightly. The more recent follow-up analysis for the last several years observed the average rate had slowed to about a football field every 90 minutes.  Couvillion cautions this is likely due to the absence of a major hurricane, along with restoration efforts, and not other geomorphic processes.

For more information see the article in The Advocate.