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G&A Celebrates, Educates on International Astronomy Day

On Saturday, April 29th, students and staff from the Department of Geography & Anthropology braved unseasonably warm and humid conditions as well as high winds to man an exhibit during the International Astronomy Day celebration at the Highland Road Park Observatory. Graduate students Sara Ates, Josh Gilliland, Gil Ouellette, and Deirdre Smith along with Regional Climatologist Kyle Brehe of the Southern Regional Climate Center spent several hours educating people from all age groups about weather and climate. Demonstrations included an air pressure experiment, coloring activities, an infrared thermometer, a stalactite, soda bottle tornadoes, and climate-related web tools. A poster designed by Kyle Brehe highlighting the research, data services, and outreach duties performed by the Southern Regional Climate Center was displayed and mini Earth stress balls were given away to attendees. International Astronomy Day has been celebrated at the Observatory every year since 2007 and includes exhibitors from all across the local community.