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Geography Field Research team travels to Pascagoula, Mississippi

  • From left, Dr. Kory Konsoer of LSU, student researcher from UA, Dr. Matthew Therrell in UA, Dr. Grant Harley of USM, Clay Tucker of LSU, Dr. Frank Heitmuller of USM, Johnny Ryu of LSU, and graduate student from USM.
Graduate students Johnny (Junghyung) Ryu, Clay Tucker, and Assistant Professor Dr. Kory Konsoer traveled to Pascagoula, Mississippi to conduct field research with Drs. Grant Harley, and Frank Heitmuller of the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) and Dr. Matthew Therrell of the University of Alabama (UA) in February of 2015. The group conducted several investigations including examining river swamp environment in order to understand bald cypress forest environments for comparison with a glacial-age bald cypress forest found offshore of Alabama when sea level was lower than present. Dr. Kory Konsoer and Josh Sampey (Hydrographer – Seahorse Geomatics, Inc.) mapped river bathymetric data using a multibeam echo sounder sonar system. The tree coring team of Clay Tucker, Drs. Matthew Therrell, Dr. Grant Harley and their graduate students sampled multiple large bald cypress trees along the river.

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