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Graduate Students

Ashley L. Allen

B.A. Oklahoma State University; M.A. University of Wyoming
Advisor: Dr. Dydia DeLyser
cultural geography, landscape, memory, identity, folklore, united states, narrative and rural communities
Ashley Allen

Sara Ates

B.S. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Robert Rohli
climatology, meteorology, natural disasters, severe weather, volcanics, seismology, plate tectonics, geomorphology, earth materials and processes, deltaic geology, disaster science, field studies
Sara Ates

Samuel T.C. Ayers

B.A. History, B.A. Political Science Louisiana State University
Advisor: Rebecca Saunders
historical archaeology, public archaeology, museum curation, museum anthropology

Rudy Bartels

B.S. Valparaiso University, M.A. Western Michigan University
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
climatology. meteorology, atmospheric dynamics, physical geography, mathematics, drought
Rudy Bartels

Lucie Berryhill

B.A. Louisiana Scholars' College, Norhtwestern State University
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Saunders
historical archaeology, public archaeology, Louisiana archaeology, cemetery research, museum curation, museum anthropology
Lucie Berryhill

Rupsa Bhowmick

B.Sc: University of Calcutta; M.Sc: University of Calcutta
Advisor: Dr. Jill Trepanier
climatology, applied climatology, extreme climatic events, remote sensing and GIS

Jana Brady

B.S. Southern Connecticut State University
Advisor: Dr. Brian Marks
wine, viticulture, oenology, wine geography, wine tourism, viticultural landscapes, climate change adaptation, disaster management, south africa

Jason Brooks

B.S. Kennesaw State University, M.A. Georgia State University
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Saunders
comparisons in power and spatial organization between sugar and cotton plantations in the Lower Mississippi River Valley with a primary focus in historical archaeology.
Jason Brooks

Vincent Brown

B.S. Salisbury University; M.S. University of Tennessee
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
Climatology, Physical Geography, Climate Change, Statistics

Nazla Bushra

B.Sc. University of Dhaka; M.S. University of Dhaka; PG. Dip. (WRD) Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology; MS Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Robert Rohli
climatology, coastal geography, disaster and risk management, water resource management, environmental studies, remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS)
Nazla Bushra

Wenjia Cao

B.S. Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology
Advisor: Dr. Robert Rohli
climatology, meteorology, applied meteorology, severe weather, hurricanes

Steve Caparotta

B.S. University of South Alabama, M.S. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Robert Rohli
climatology, meteorology
Steve Caparotta (571x800)

Elizabeth Cruzado Carranza

B.A. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru M.A. University of Memphis
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Andean archaeology, mortuary practices, archaeobotany, public archaeology, site preservation, museum studies, identity, cultural heritage

Yi Ling Chan

B.S. University of Louisville
Advisor: Craig Colten
human-environmental interactions, land use change, GIS, remote sensing

Maggie Cloos

B.A. Sewanee
Advisor: Dr. Brian Marks
coastal Louisiana, environmental change narratives, community participation in environmental management, conservation geography

Kevin Durbin

B.S. Louisiana State University; M.S. Georgia Tech
Advisor: Dr. Fahui Wang
urban and transportation geography, land use patterns and policy, public policy and administration, GIS, urban scenario modeling

Josh Eachus

B.S. Meteorology, California University of Pennsylvania; M.S. Sports Mgmnt., California University of Pennysylvania
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
communication challenges in weather and climate

Katherine Elder

B.A. Anthropology and French
Advisor: Dr. Ginesse Listi
Forensics and Bioarchaeology

Aram Emamjomeh

B.A. Islamic Azad University (Iran)
Advisor: Dr. Jill Brody
discourse and conversation analysis, language, linguistics, women

Nicholas Enwright

B.S. University of North Texas, M.S. University of North Texas
Advisor: Dr. Lei Wang
geographic information systems, remote sensing, land use/land cover change, wetlands, barrier islands, restoration monitoring

Shuzhan Fan

B.S. Central South University
Advisor: Dr. Michael Leitner
GIS, spatial statistics, spatial analysis, remote sensing
Shuzhan Fan

Valerie Feathers

B.A. East Tennessee State University, M.A. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Heather McKillop
Belize, Classic period, Maya, site preservation, identity
Valerie Kauffeld (800x600)

Shu Gao

B.S. China University of Petroleum
Advisor: Dr. Lei Wang
Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis
Shu Gao

Josh Gilliland

B.S. Ohio State University, M.S. Western Kentucky University
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
Climatology and dynamics of convective and non-convective high-wind events for North America and South America, Climatological assessment of Post-Tropical (extratropical) Cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean
Joshua Gilliland

Melinda González

B.A. Barnard College of Columbia University; M.A. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick
Advisor: Dr. Micha Rahder
socio-cultural anthropology, ethnomusicology, environmental anthropology, music as resistance, language and culture, food studies, land rights, indigenous rights, Latin America & the Caribbean

Sylviane N Greensword

B.A. Louisiana State University, MALA Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Joyce Jackson
cultural Studies; the African Diaspora; the politics of black hair care
Sylviane N Greensword

Audrey Grismore

B.A. Hood College; M.S. LSU
Advisor: Dr. Craig Colten
historical geography, adaptation to disruptive events, community resilience, water pollution, human-environment interactions, environmental history
Audrey Maass

Shannon Groll

B.A. Case Western Reserve University
Advisor: Dr. Joyce M. Jackson
sociocultural & public anthropology, ethnography of social movements, political economy, geography of resistance, politics of education, medical anthropology, body ideals, gender, sexual health, adolescent cultures

Marena Grondin

B.S. Unity College
Advisor: Dr. Kory Konsoer
physical geography, fluvial geomorphology

Ya Han

B.S. Geography, Peking University; M.S. Geography (city and regional planning), Peking University
Advisor: Dr. Fahui Wang
GIS, urban planning, climate change

Joseph Harris

B.S. Austin Peay State University, M.S. East Tennessee State University
Advisor: Dr. Robert Rohli
geohazards (hazard mitigation and emergency planning), hazards (anthropogenic and natural), risk assessment, evacuation modeling, GIS, environmental geography (applied GIS and remote sensing), meteorology, climatology
Joseph Harris

Emilee Hart

B.S. Oklahoma State University
Advisor: Dr. Robert Tague
comparative anatomy, osteology, primatology, growth and development, and history of biological evolution

Juana Ibáñez

B.A. University of New Orleans, M.A. University of Texas at Austin
Advisor: Dr. Kent Mathewson and Dr. Rebecca Saunders
prehistoric landscapes and land use adaptations of the Marksville culture (2000 BP) between the Mississippi delta and Gulf Coast
Juana Akumal

Raihan Jamil

B.S. Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET) Bangladesh
Advisor: Dr. Steven Namikas
Coastal Geomorphology, Coastal Land Use Change, Remote Sensing

Anliu Jiang

B.S. China University of Geosciences
Advisor: Dr. Shelley Meng
application of remote sensing, GIS
Anliu Jiang

Stephen Kreller

B.S. Atmospheric Science at University of Louisiana at Monroe
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
Climate, Meteorology, Storm Surge, Hurricanes

Cuiling Liu

B.S. Shandong Jiaotong University; M.S. Capital Normal University
Advisor: Dr. Fahui Wang
spatial analysis, spatial database, urban planning evaluation, urban explanation simulation
Cuiling Liu

Christopher McCurley

B.A. Vanderbilt University; M.C.J. Tarleton State University
Advisor: Dr. Kent Mathewson
cultural geography, historical geography, mobility, ethnographic methods, GIS

Brant Mitchell

Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim

Kimberly Munro

M.S. Florida State University, B.S. Florida State University
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Andean archaeology (early horizon and early intermediate period in North-Central, Peru), highland-coastal interactions, trade and exchange networks, buffer zones, core-peripheries, and GIS applications in archaeology
Kimberly Munro

Gil Ouellette

B.S. Pennsylvania State University, M.S. Western Kentucky University
Advisor: Dr. Kristine DeLong
paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, isotope geochemistry, multi-proxy reconstructions, coral and speleothem proxies, Caribbean climate variability
Gil Ouellette

Robert W. Perham

BSc. University of Manchester/Rutgers University
Advisor: Dr. Kent Mathewson
popular culture, imaginative/imagined geographies, landscape, identity, social theory, geographies of media, and the US South.
Robert Perham (1)

Michel Pujazon

B.A. University of Florida
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Saunders
ethno and historical archaeology

Derek Richards

B.A. University of Northern Iowa; M.A. University of Northern Iowa
Advisor: Dr. Kory Konsoer
fluvial geomorphology, climatology, geochronology, GIS, remote sensing

Gabriele Richardson

B.S. Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Austria
Advisor: Dr. Jay Edwards
new orleans history, geography and architecture; health geography with emphasis on spatial epidemiology; spatial analysis with GIS; historical maps
Gabriele Richardson

Taylor Rowley

B.S. University of Oklahoma; M.S. Texas A&M University
Advisor: Dr. Kory Konsoer
Fluvial Geomorphology, Hydrology, Water Resources

Amber Jolla Santos

B.A. International Studies, American University
Advisor: Dr. Joyce Marie Jackson
sociocultural anthropology, black survival, black art, afro spirituality, magick, the African diaspora

Deirdre C. Smith

B.S. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Advisor: Dr. Jill Trepanier
Latin America, Louisiana Gulf Coast, climatology, hurricanes, lightning, extreme weather, human-environment interactions

Kenny Sutherland

B.S. and B.A Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
digital imaging, GIS, remote sensing, human-environment interactions, foodways, festivals, religion, material culture, east Asia
sutherland - photo

Derek Thompson

B.S. Western Kentucky University
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
meteorology, climatology, applied climatology, remote sensing, GIS, teleconnections, history
Derek Thompson

John A. Troutman

B.S. California University of Pennsylvania
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
meteorology, climatology, hurricanes, storm surge

Clay Tucker

M.S. and B.S. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Jill Trepanier
Dendroclimatology, climatic geomorphology, paleotempestology,hurricane impacts on the Louisiana Gulf Coast

Marissa A. Vara

B.S. University of Texas at Austin
Advisor: Dr. Kristine DeLong
Paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, geology, marine geology, isotope and elemental geochemistry, coral proxy, sea surface temperature (SST) reconstructions

Dusty Waltner

B.A. University of Montana, M.S. University of Montana
Advisor: Dr. Kent Mathewson
cultural geography, historical geography, tourism geography, geography of disabilities, performance and identity
Dusty Waltner

Jacob Warner

B.A. Louisiana State University, M.A. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine, Dr. Kristine DeLong
peruvian archaeology, paleoclimate reconstruction, El Niño-Southern oscillation, human-environment interaction

Kobi Weaver

B.A. Anthropology New Mexico State University
Advisor: Dr. Heather Mckillop
Maya, Household, Feminist and Queer Archaeology. Belize. Soil Science. 3D Imaging.

Andrea Paige White

B.A. University of Florida, M.A. College of William and Mary
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Saunders
historical geography, historical & urban archaeology, southeast US, GIS
Andrea Paige White

Yaping Xu

B.Eng. Guizhou University; M.S. Chinese Academy of Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Lei Wang
remote sensing(RS) of the environment, information extraction, dynamic change analysis, RS/GIS application in natural disaster, cultural relics and heritage.

Xukai Zhang

B.S. China University of Geosciences, M.S. Chinese Academy of Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Shelly Meng
remote sensing application, coastal information extraction, 3D topographic mapping, urban development
Xukai Zhang