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Graduate Students Launch Emergency Flood Relief in Wake of Flood in Peru

17393146_1278892032194913_167191756_nPeru is now being devastated with extreme flooding and rains. The rains are ten times greater than normal and comparable to the catastrophic 1997/1998 El Nino. The rain will continue for the next few weeks. As of today, 78 people have died in the floods, others are missing, and over 100,000 people have lost their homes to flash floods. Mudslides and avalanches have caused roads and bridges to collapse. Many residents of rural communities are stranded in their towns and are in desperate need of food supplies, clean drinking water, and medicine. The Peruvian government is doing what they can to get supplies to those in need, yet many communities have yet to receive help from their municipalities.

We are archaeologists who work in the Ancash region where several of these isolated and affected communities are located.  We are in direct contact with residents of these communities in the Nepeña and Casma Valleys that have been hit especially hard. In the community of Nivin, in Casma, where Elizabeth Cruzado and Robert Connolly work, 30% of the homes were washed away in the floods. The school buildings and museum are flooded, and the community agricultural fields are washed away. The single road that passes into the community is flooded and not passable, so residents are unable to travel to buy food or clean drinking water. Also, the community of Cosma, in the Caceres District of Nepeña, where Kimberly Munro works has suffered collapsed roofs, and destroyed homes. They have not had cell service or electricity for over a week, and the two roads leading to the town have collapsed. Cosma is located in the mountains, where the temperatures drop significantly during the night. Without proper roofs, to keep the rain waters out, and the cold weather temperatures, many people are suffering.

The community leaders in Cosma and Nivin have requested our help in raising funds and material donations for their displaced community members.  All of the items on the list below are specifically requested by residents in the  affected villages. With our community partners in Peru, we have structured our fundraising campaign to complement but not duplicate other relief efforts.

Please donate whatever funds you can! We will immediately transfer funds to our partners in Peru who will purchase and arrange the transport of materials to the villages of Nivin and Cosma. Thank you for your time and help!!