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Intergraph Software Licensing

General Information

Intergraph Inc. offers a suite of remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) software for spatial analysis of raster and vector data. Products covered in LSU’s license agreement include:

  • IMAGINE Professional (includes vector, easytrace, ER Mapper, Image Equalizer, Radar Interpreter, Enterprise Loader)
  • Expansion Pack (AutoSync, DeltaCue, NITF, StereoSAR DEM, Virtual GIS, Orthoradar, Stereo Analyst for IMAGINE)
  • IMAGINE Photogrammetry (includes Stereo and full block eATE)
  • IMAGINE Terrain Editor
  • ERDAS APOLLO Essentials
  • GeoMedia Professional (includes Grid, Fusion, Parcel Mgr, Public Works, Transaction Mgr, Transportation Mgr)
  • Geomedia Feature Topographer
  • GI Toolkit


Faculty & staff: Intergraph software can be purchased at $150 per license per year.

Students: Students can request a free student license for Geomedia and ERDAS IMAGINE.

Instructions for licensing and installation


  1. Submit a request for a License Authorization Code (LAC).
  2. Once you have received the LAC, go to Intergraph’s licensing website, enter the LAC, and click Continue.
  3. Follow Intergraph’s instructions for generating student licenses.

Faculty and staff

Faculty and staff who have already purchased a license may complete steps A, B, and C to get up and running. To purchase a license, complete this form.

A. Download and install the Intergraph License Administrator Tool and desired Intergraph products.

  1. Go to
  2. Select or search for any of the products covered by LSU’s license listed above. Check the box “Show Legacy Downloads” to see older versions.
  3. Click on the product names in the search results to download (you might have to register).
  4. Be sure to download the Intergraph License Administrator Tool.
  5. If installing ERDAS IMAGINE, be sure to first download and install ERDAS Foundation.
  6. Once a file has downloaded for a product, extract the zip file and in the extracted folder run setup.exe.
  7. Complete the installation wizard. Once the Intergraph License Administrator Tool has been installed you may proceed to the next step, generating your computer’s composite ID.

B. Generate your computer’s composite ID using the Intergraph License Administrator Tool.

  1. Launch the Intergraph License Administrator Tool from the Start menu.
  2. Click Client > License Host ID.
  3. In the resulting window, click Copy next to the Composite ID field.
  4. Important: this ID will change if you use a different computer, or if you switch between wired and wireless networks on the same computer. When you run this tool, you should be on the computer where you will install the Intergraph software, and you should be connected to the Internet in the same way you will connect when you run the software. If after receiving a license you must change computers, a new license file can be generated for your new computer only once.
  5. Faculty & staff: send your composite ID to your designated campus license administrator, who will then send you a license file. You must purchase a license if you have not already done so.

C. Import your license file into the Intergraph License Administrator Tool

  1. Launch the Intergraph License Administrator Tool from the Start menu.
  2. Click File > Import License File…
  3. Browse for the license file provided by your campus license administrator. Open.
  4. Your products should now be licensed.