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Juliet Brophy et al. Announce New Fossils of Homo naledi from Lesedi Chamber, South Africa

Lesedi skullThis week an international team of researchers, including Dr. Juliet Brophy from the Department of Geography and Anthropology, announced a second chamber of fossils attributed to Homo naledi. These fossils from the Lesedi Chamber combined with those from the Dinaledi Chamber announced last year support the hypothesis that Homo naledi deliberately deposited their dead. A second paper published yesterday reveals the dates of Homo naledi as 335,000- 236,000 years ago and provides evidence that another species of human was living alongside modern humans in Africa.


Dr. Juliet Brophy

Read more in the article published by the LSU Media Center, or see the team’s publication in eLife, New fossil remains of Homo naledi from the Lesedi Chamber, South Africa.