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Sneaux Days: Wintry weather brings snow to Baton Rouge

Classes were cancelled at Louisiana State University Friday, January 24, Tuesday, January 28, and Wednesday, January 29, due to inclement weather.

“The entire state of Louisiana is experiencing a wintry mix of precipitation, including some snow, but mostly rain, sleet, and freezing rain,” said Barry Keim, professor and Louisiana State Climatologist, of last Friday’s storm.

“I currently have a glaze of ice on the deck in my backyard, which is elevated, but the streets in my neighborhood are simply wet, as the sleet melts and the cold rains aren’t producing a glaze on the warm streets,” said Keim on Friday.

LSU cancelled classes primarily due to travel risks. Baton Rouge isn’t equipped with plows or even salt and sand to thaw the ice on the roads, something Keim said could be a problem across much of south Louisiana.

“I suspect that there are serious problems on elevated roadways and bridges across the entire State. The last significant snow event here was in December of 2008, when we had a couple of inches here that actually hung around for a day or two, and there was 8 inches recorded in Amite in that event,” said Keim.

While snow in Baton Rouge may seem like a miracle, during the last 118 years snow has fallen in Baton Rouge more than half the time- 63 years with snow.

The record snowfall for Baton Rouge is 12.5″ in February 1895. Baton Rouge’s most recent measurable snowfall was four years ago in February 2010 with 1.0″.

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