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Michael Leitner publishes in British Journal of Psychiatry

Professor Michael Leitner, together with Marco Helbich, a GIScientist at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and Nestor Kapusta, a psychiatrist from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria examined the interplay between natural lithium in drinking water, prescribed lithium-based pharmaceuticals and suicide in Austria.  This research was published in The British Journal of Psychiatry in 2015 ( and the third article in a row from this team.  The other two articles published previously (2012 & 2013) confirm an association between lithium levels in drinking water and suicide mortality for the eastern parts of Austria ( and whether altitude moderates the impact of lithium on suicide (  Future research will investigate the relationship of lithium intake through drinking water and violent crime that happens in the heat of the moment.

The relationship between lithium and suicide has gained recent traction with an Opinion Piece in The New York Times ( and another article in The New York Times Magazine (

Figure 1