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Previously Unknown Hurricanes Documented in Alumnus’ New Publication

plos-one-ssA paper recently published in PLOS ONE documents previously unknown hurricanes in the 1800s and a possible storm track. This work was based on alumnus Jordan Pino’s work in Dr. Kristine DeLong’s graduate Paleoclimatology class in Spring 2014, where Pino used historical Army fort meteorological records archived by NOAA to find several previously unknown documentations of hurricanes in the northern Gulf Coast as well as the new storms. The collaborative effort within the G&A climate group and USM compared these storms to a tree-ring reconstruction in the Florida Keys by Dr. Grant Harley at University of Southern Mississippi and used Dr. Jill Trepanier’s historical hurricane track climatology to build a probable path for the 1831 hurricane. This work was supported by the LSU South Central Climate Science Center of the US Geological Survey. Jordan received his undergraduate and Masters degrees from LSU and is currently a Ph.D. student at Ohio State University.

Open access: