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Robert Rohli Publishes New Book

Textbook coverDr. Robert Rohli is a co-author on a new textbook entitled, Exploring Physical Geography (McGraw-Hill). The innovative style of the book is based on recent cognitive research that suggests that learning is enhanced by stimulating the visual and text-oriented cognitive channels simultaneously and improving visual-text integration. To that end, the book is organized around 270 two-facing-page “spreads,” with over 2600 graphics, which is two to three times the number in comparable textbooks. The large number of graphics provides students with a concrete example of every topic discussed. Text on each spread is wrapped around the graphics in short text blocks, to direct the student to the part of the figure to which that text corresponds and to help readers integrate information between the visual and textual learning channels. Each “spread” ends with a “before your leave this page” review box, which reinforces the learning objectives of that spread before the student continues to the next spread. The book’s design, including the use of color, placement, and size of the graphics, makes use of research results using eye-tracking technology to understand how students learn geoscience. The book is currently being adopted by many universities across and beyond the United States.

To view Dr. Rohli’s book on Amazon, click here.