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Undergrad wins big at research conference

Becky Hood
Rebecca “Becky” Hood, an anthropology undergraduate in the Department of Geography and Anthropology at LSU, won first place at the LSU Undergraduate Research Conference 2012 for oral presentations in Social Sciences. Becky worked with David Chicoine and Kristine DeLong on a sclerochronology project with the clam shell Mesodesma donacium from the Nepeña Valley in coastal Peru. Becky traveled to Peru and worked with Dr. Chicoine to recover and catalog shell remains from three archaeological sites. She worked with Dr. DeLong in the PAST lab to measure the shell cohort for comparison analysis. Then, she made a cross-section of one of the largest clams and counted the tidal bands in the surf clam.

Becky determined the clam lived 99 days, which is considerably shorter than other locations farther south of Nepeña Valley. Becky completed her research in the summer ASPIRE program of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Composite image of Mesodesma